Our Services

We are here for you – for the benefit of your child

We are here for you

In addition to daily morning and afternoon Practice hours, we are also available on weekends for emergency consultation, if possible in office of Dr. Wirtz-Gerlach, Jacobistr. 7, 40211 Düsseldorf on saturdays from 9 - 11 am.

At this point, we need to point out that our offer only applies to privately insured or self-paying patients.

Second opinion

With Dr. von Lilien-Waldau’s decades of Paediatric medical practice as the chief physician of the Children's Hospital of the Florence Nightingale Hospital he has above-average experience in the evaluation of childhood diseases and behavior – therefore, he is often asked to provide second opinions, which he is more than happy to provide for your child as well.

Our principles, as described in Our Concept and in the introduction of our range of services, also apply for second opinions.

House visits

We are convinced that the quality of the examinations and treatment carried-out in our Practice are best. Therefore, we do not perform check-ups or vaccinations at home.

However, in exceptional circumstances, if the medical condition of your child requires it, we may also make home visits.

Vaccination reminder

At each check-up and vaccination, we always discuss the next examination, check-up or next vaccination date with you. Furthermore, you are always welcome to call us with questions or in case of emergencies.